Thursday, April 15, 2010

My, that was fun!

To all our edible book artists, sponsors, judges, volunteers and attendees - THANK YOU!

Seattle Edible Book Festival from Marlow Harris on Vimeo.

Most Pun-derful: Gold - The Audacity of Toast - Katie Brister
Most Pun-derful: Silver - Little Hows on the Pear E -
Most Pun-derful: Bronze - The Satanic Nurses - Ann Gibson
Most Delectably Appetizing: Gold - Life of Pi(e) - Michele Yanow
Most Delectably Appetizing: Silver- Scarlet Pumpernickle - Lynnda Biek
Most Delectably Appetizing: Bronze - Quiche of the Spider Woman - Robin Kessler

Best Young Edible Artist: Gold - Twilight: Welcome to Forks - Alejandra Martinez

Best Young Edible Artist: Silver - Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs - Jacob Perez

Best Young Edible Artist: Bronze - The Adventures of Sherlock Scones - Avery Fulford and Samantha Seaver

Most Drop-Dead Gorgeous: Gold - Hypnerotomachia Poliphili: Struggle for Love in a Dream - Sarah Lovett

Most Drop-Dead Gorgeous: Silver - The Lorax - Erica Barton

Most Drop-Dead Gorgeous: Bronze - Old Shell, New Shell - Carolyn Mackay

Best in Show: Gold - Origin of the Reeses - Cath Carine and Suze Woolf

Best in Show: Silver - Alice in Wonderland - Carol Marty

Best in Show: Bronze - Raisin in the Sun - Linda Collins

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  1. It was a pun-derful event and I got to chew on many delicious words! I have a few pics of this year's festival on