Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Oh my goodness! What an Incredible Edible we had!

R.I.P. Eat a Book Today! The Seattle Edible Book Festival 
AKA Cook the Books!

2005 - 2012

Eat a Book Today! combines the creative and culinary talents of NW bibliophiles, foodies, book artists, chefs, bakers, librarians, kids and punsters.
Register your Edible Entries by midnight March 31st by
 emailing us (no need to register if you're not bringing an entry). Create and bring a piece of edible art related to books: it can pun on a title, refer to a scene or character, look like a book (or paper, scroll etc), or just have something to do with books. Whatever the inspiration - it must be edible. 

Every type of book---children's classics, detective novels, biographies, fiction and non, poetry, short stories ---will be sculpted from a smörgåsbord of foodstuffs. Imagine The Brothers Karamatzah, S'more and Peace, Alice in Wonderbread, The Bun Also Rises, Goodnight Moon Pie, Curd Vonnegut... and so many more brainy, beautiful, silly, clever and tasty transubstantiations of books we love into treats we eat!

Here's the dope on the last Seattle Edible Book Festival 2012
1. Winners 2. Pictures 3. Thank You's and 4. The Edible Future

1. The 2012 Wieners:
Most Pun-derful - Judge Benjamin Franklin
Gold - Drawing on the Right Side of the Brainna Cotta by Cindy Englehart
Silver - The World According to GORP by Debs Gardner
Bronze - Quoth the Raison "Petit Four" by Kelley Frodel, Rauksie Beck, Bethany Stowell

Most Drop-dead Gorgeous - Judge Noel Coward
Gold - The Mad Hatter's Hat by Charlotte Gittleman
Silver - Le Petit(four) Prince by Krystel Anderson
Bronze - The Pleasure of the Text by Janet Fryberger

Most Delectably Appetizing - Judge Jacqueline Susann
Gold -LePieAthan by Lindi Wood
Silver - A Guernsey, Literary, Potato Pile Pie by Selene Fisher
Bronze - Mix'd Weinies by puncontrollable (Margaret Prescott)

Best Young Edible Artist (K-12) - Judge Hermione Granger
Gold - Stew-Art Little by Marci Pliskin & Isabel, Hannah and Renee Russak
Silver - On the Banks of Plum Creek  by Nancy and Elisabeth Bird and Kimberly Lippman
Bronze - Finn Family Moominroll by Declan O'Neill

Best in Show - selected by the hungry hordes
Gold - Of Mice and Pen by Sue Wilson-Schmitz
Silver - The Girl with the Dragon Fondue by Suze Woolf
Bronze - The Satanic Purses by Pamela Thompson

2. Pictures are up on Flickr and still coming in - please go to here.
Plus some great press!!
UW Daily
Seattle Times

3. Thank you so much to our incredible volunteer manager Kelly Hilst and the 25+ marvelous volunteers - there is no Edible Book Festival without you!
And, of course, all the unbelievably fabulous artists who entered their Edible Book. Every year, they blow me away!
The SCBA board, Caffe Vita, FUZE beverages and The Mayor's Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs. Thank you.
And a special Thank You to Jill Lightner, Kevin, Kitty, Cindy, Andree, Diane, Althea, Janet Salm - you have been there from the beginning and through to the (my) end. Franks!
And the judges this year were stupendous: thank you Richard, G.Robin, Sarah and Carolyn
Thanks ever so much to the always beautiful, funny and game-for-anything - Edible Emcee Nancy Guppy!

4. As you may have heard, SCBA will no longer be producing the Seattle Edible Book Festival.

By the way - please note that this is not a copyrighted event; YOUR school or library or church/shul or reading group etc can host your own Edible Book Festival. It's done all over the world - http://www.books2eat.com/ - Jill and Janet started the Seattle festival (2005) just for fun and it is by no means exclusive. Tacoma does a great one, for example!So if you want to hold a smaller scale one for a weekday tea or something GO FOR IT! Edible Books are for everybody.